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Prices for popular double glazed windows

Double-casement window with a right tilt-and-turn part, , width 1,400 mm, height 1,300 mm, with an energy-saving double-glazed window.

* Prices are in UAH. at the NBU rate on March 18, 2020


Энергоэффективные пластиковые окна

double-glazed window 4 - 10 - 4 - 10 - 4і

3488 UAH


Энергоэффективные пластиковые окна

double-glazed window 4 - 14 - 4 - 14 - 4і

3856 UAH


Энергоэффективные пластиковые окна

double-glazed window 4 - 16 - 4 - 16 - 4і

6878 UAH

Tilt-and-turn part:
1. Opening
Поворотно откидная часть окна - открытие
2. Airing
Поворотно откидная часть окна - проветривание


were installed by


with REHAU


in the market
of windows manufacturing


lead time

Our certificates

Windows of “WEGA-PLAST” company conform to the high European quality standards
and energy efficiency requirements, as well as to the standards of current Ukrainian legislation.

Products of the “WEGA-PLAST” company passes strict quality control and regular certification.

How to choose a window

Consider type of premises (apartment, house, non-living premises or balcony) and climate of your region. Use a REHAU window systems overview with a detailed description of their technical features and recommendations for use.

Remember that according to the current glazing standards a heat transfer resistance coefficient must be at least 0.75 m² / W. for premises heated in the 1st temperature zone of Ukraine (that is the most of Ukrainian area). 5-6 chamber profiles windows with an installation depth of 70-80 mm (for example, REHAU EURO-Design 70, REHAU Brillant-Design, REHAU SYNEGO and REHAU GENEO) correspond to this index.

In the 2nd temperature zone (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Transcarpathian region and the Crimea) the coefficient of window structures resistance to heat transfer can be 0.65 m ² / W. Such an indicator can be obtained with REHAU Euro-Design 60 profile systems and energy-saving glass.

REHAU recommends to pay attention to companies that work exclusively with the REHAU profile, have passed the authorization program and received the Certificate confirming the Status “Authorized REHAU Partner” or “Authorized REHAU Trading Partner”. A company can be awarded with such a certificate as a result of a regular audit by the REHAU technical department. Below we provide several criteria by which verification is carried out:

  • Use of original REHAU components, such as seals and mechanical joints.
  • Long-term functional safety due to compliance with the requirements of production and processing, compliance with domestic construction standards and regulations.
  • Qualified installation of windows according to the construction requirements mentioned in Ukrainian State Standards.
  • Compulsory staff training at REHAU Academy..

The status of an Authorized Partner is granted for a period of 1 year (an Authorized Trading Partner Certificate is valid during 6 months) and is confirmed during the term of validity with regular inspections.
Any serious remark received from REHAU engineers leads to the immediate suspension of Authorized REHAU Partner status and to the removal of company contacts from the list of recommended partners until negative notes are eliminated and re-audited by REHAU engineers. Therefore, in the REHAU website you can always find the contacts of currently authorized REHAU partners and “WEGA-PLAST” company is in this honorable list.

Select the installation of windows in accordance to Ukrainian State Standards (DSTU). In particular, we are talking about DSTU-N B V.2.6-146: 2010 Section 6.8 “Isolation of adjacencies of window and door blocks to the walls of houses”, DSTU-N B V.2.6-146: 2010 Section 7. “Windows and doors installation rules”. Unfortunately, in Ukraine few windows are installed with accordance to technology and requirements as original professional materials and highly qualified professionals are more expensive. As a result, the customer suffers from such “savings”, which can easily negate all the advantages of a high quality window.

Remember to protect an assembly seam with special insulating materials during the proper window installation. Vapor barrier protects the foam heater from the inside of the room, and waterproofing prevents from outside moisture. If you do not use this protection, the foam will accumulate moisture, which will destroy the structure of the insulation when it becomes cold, and as a result of such an installation seam will pass the cold, which leads to mold and fungus on the slopes.

According to Ukrainian State Standards DSTU B V.2.6-23: 2009 “Structures of Buildings. Windows and Doors Constructions”, the warranty period for windows and doors constructions (no matter materials) is stated in supply contracts, but it must be at least five years from windows or doors installation.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate for free all the defects caused by his fault. However, the seasonal sash regulation may not be included in the guarantee, since a modern window is a rather complicated construction, and, like your car, requires professional maintenance.

Manual for windows or doors constractions are approved by the head of the manufacturer and must contain the rules of windows / doors caring and establish requirements for their use.

Usually all the necessary information on the warranty and operating rules is contained in the Passport of the product, which has been a mandatory document since 2013, although it can be submitted as separate documents, for example, the Warranty Card or the Manual.

You can calculate the cost of the structure in our window calculator.

We offer favorable conditions for windows purchase in payment by installments or credit

Payment by installments from PrivatBank for 3 months at 0%, without overpayments, without a certificate of income, without a down payment, the amount of the loan is up to 50,000 UAH.

About company

Private Enterprise “WEGA-PLAST” experts have been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market of PVC constructions since 2000. Today, the company is an example of an efficient domestic manufacturer of European quality PVC constructions from the profile of the world leader REHAU equipped with German accessories SIEGENIA.

The mission of our company is to make quality plastic windows in Ukraine affordable to everyone.

The company manufactures PVC constructions of different complexity from REHAU profile: windows, doors, balcony blocks, office partitions, facades, winter gardens, arched constructions, etc.

The company has developed special service project for each customer: order placement, expert visit for correct measurement, old constructions dismantling, windows, window sills and mosquito nets installation, warranty and post-warranty service. Each glazing project is maintained by a personal qualified manager.

“WEGA-PLAST” customers get free measurement and dismantling. Manufacturing and installation of PVC constructions are carried out within 5 working days, depending on the complexity and configuration of products.

Products comply with clear technical requirements, aesthetic and price criteria and are of high European quality from the domestic manufacturer. All consumables are environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

Great service and installation experience allows to perform the installation and service of PVC products of any complexity. Warranty is provided for 5 years.

Customer Service

Kyiv, st. Leipzig 16A,
Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m., No breaks;
Sat, Sun – Weekends

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